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Not only do I get to travel all over and meet wonderful people, but I get to do it alongside my beautiful wife, Malia. Malia and I have been together since 2010 and we currently reside in central Massachusetts. We love marriage. It’s because of the joy that we have found in our marriage that we want help other couples tell their stories.

Every couple has a story; how they met, fell in love, overcame hard times and chose to commit their lives to one another. Our heart is to make films that honor, preserve and uphold those stories. We’re looking for couples who want to be adventurous and creative and who want to show others the beauty of marriage. We hope to find people who know what we know, that love is a decision that needs to be made every day. Marriage, like all of life can have difficult seasons. Our prayer for every couple that we work with is for their film to be a reminder of where they came from and how much they love one another.

I can’t promise that we’re the most talented wedding filmmakers out there, but I can promise this; we care so much about the success of your marriage and we will make the best possible film that we can for you. If you’re willing, we’d love to spend some time getting to know you and to hear your story!