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“True Love Is Being With You”

The Love Story of Carly-Ann & Casey

We had the great honor of spending 5 days in Turks & Caicos with Carly-Ann, Casey and their closest family and friends. Granted, escaping the New England winter in February was nice, but the real gift was getting to know this wonderful group of people. I think that community is such an important part of life, and what we experienced with Carly-Ann and Casey was a community of people that truly love and support one another. We quickly learned that at the foundation of all of this is the strong friendship between Carly-Ann and Casey. Carly-Ann and Casey fostered a deep, meaningful friendship long before they ever started dating. This is why when I heard the song “Through Different Eyes” by CHPTRS that it had to be in Carly-Ann and Casey’s film; “I see the world through different eyes, I see the world in a different light, oh, and it changes everything.”  Carly-Ann & Casey started as friends until they began to see one another through different eyes, and it changed everything. I think Casey put it best in his vows to Carly-Ann when he said to her “I know what true love is, it’s being with you.”

“You Let Me Be Me”

The Love Story of Katie & Dylan

The term “soulmate” gets thrown around a lot. Maybe you believe in it, maybe you don’t. After spending 4 days in Denver with Katie & Dylan and their friends/family one thing became increasingly clear: Dylan is better because of Katie and Katie is better because of Dylan. “They balance each other out” was a common phrase throughout the weekend. We really got the sense that they truly care more about one another than they care about themselves. I don’t know if that’s what a soulmate is, but whatever it is, it’s beautiful. Maybe a soulmate is the person who enables us to fully be ourselves. To paraphrase Dylan’s vows to Katie; “You let me be me.” I think that sums things up pretty well.

“Our Hearts and Souls Were Made for Each Other”

The Love Story of Taylor & Steve

Taylor and Steve are special people. Meeting them and making this film was such an unlikely thing that we feel it was meant to be. As much of an honor as it was to fly to Mexico to be a part of their wedding day, it was an even greater privilege to meet their family in Indiana. Malia and I were given a small window into their lives and what we saw was an immensely supportive, close knit family, bound together by the love of Jesus Christ. This is the same love that you see between Taylor & Steve. The final song in the film “Pieces” by Amanda Cook describes the love of God and I believe that there is no stronger reflection of that love than a marriage founded on Jesus. In her letter to Steve, Taylor wrote; “Our hearts and souls were made for each other” and after our time spent with them, we couldn’t agree more.

“It Just Kind of Feels Right”

The Love Story of Mike & Lindsay

If you can believe it, this film failed to do justice to just how likable Mike and Lindsay really are. We’ve known Lindsay’s family forever so this wedding had a special place in our hearts. Mike told me that one of their favorite things to do when they were dating was to just “wing it”. They’d get on the Red Line in Boston with no plan or destination in mind (although coffee was always on Lindsay’s agenda) and they would just see where the night would take them. It was so much fun going into the city with them and exploring all the different places that were meaningful to their relationship. Our favorite part of this film is when Mike says “It’s good when you don’t have to fight with yourself to find reasons that it’s right, you just sort off…” and then Lindsay finishes his sentence “It just kind of feels right.”

“Because You’re Stuck With Me”

The Love Story of Kevin & Margo

We are forever grateful to Kevin & Margo for saying “yes” to our idea of incorporating their story into their wedding film. It was the first time we ever interviewed a couple and there couldn’t have been anyone better for it than Kevin and Margo. Margo’s family is Armenian and we had never attended an Armenian wedding before. The whole day was rich with culture and we found out quickly that no one celebrates like the Armenians! The love that Kevin & Margo have for one another is so evident, and we can’t wait to see where their next adventures take them. Margo knew she was interested in Kevin from the first day of high school, and now, as Kevin says to her at the end; “You’re stuck with me.” We suspect that she’s just fine with that!